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Feminized hemp seeds are seeds that only produce female plants. They are created when breeders carefully stress the female plants. The stress placed upon the plant forces them to create seeds to help preserve their genetic line. The seeds produced by a stressed female plant contain the same genetic makeup as their mother, including only female chromosomes. These genetics tend to be substantially bigger and studier, but most importantly these seeds lack pollen.

The mature male hemp plant’s reproductive mechanism is pollen. They release this pollen in hopes of reaching a female plant. Once pollinated the female plant is focused on creating seeds instead of the sought after hemp flowers most CBD hemp farmers strive for. In addition, since pollinated females turn their focus towards producing seeds, they have considerably lower cannabinoid levels.

An Investment In Your Crop

At first it may seem like feminized hemp seeds are more costly compared to β€˜regular’ seeds, but the benefits and cost savings these seeds will provide are well worth the initial investment. Growing a crop of female-only hemp seeds means there is no risk of these plants becoming pollinated by a male. Therefore, an exclusive female hemp crop will render potent CBD flowers and no seeds reducing the processing time by excluding the need to de-seed the plants. These flowers can then be sent directly to an extraction lab for further refinement, or can be cured and sold as-is in flower form. Without any loss due to removing the seeds, the whole plant will then qualify for high resale. Essentially, when you grow female hemp seeds, your effort will be smaller, but your return will be higher.

Feminization Explained

Over the past four years of High Grade Hemp Seeds production, the average feminization rate has been 99.98% female ratio in multimillion seed populations across the nation for field and green house production. By purchasing true feminized seeds, you reduce the risk of males. With hemp, males and hermaphrodite plants can appear in any crop. Typically, there's about one male for every four to five thousand plants grown. We here at Astera are here to help you learn to identify those male traits to ensure the males are culled quickly, along with the SOP's provided by High Grade.

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