From The Stars

We are Astera Farms, a farm like you, that has their hands in the soil daily, that cares for their crop and is proud to be apart of this emerging hemp family.

With our owners involved in the growing themselves, they have a combined experience of 40+ years in cannabis and hemp cultivation. Located in Southern California along 348 acres, including 20 acres of hemp cultivation sites and 60k of greenhouse canopy, we are passionate about bringing a stable high-quality hemp product to other farmers.


We are a licensed hemp farm partnered with High Grade Seeds to breed their seeds, the most superior hemp genetics in the industry.


We use organic practices whenever possible at every step of the cultivation process


We employ a zero carbon footprint into our SOPs.


With every seed purchase a seed label will be included that will contain germination rates as well as other useful information. Plus every sale will include extra seeds to give you that extra peace of mind. Prior to any batch going out for delivery, we do a thorough check, and in 2020, we are going further, by implementing a seed priming process. Priming helps regulate the seed’s temperature and moisture content. This brings the seed closer to the point of germination, further backing our goal of consistency and product yield.

Quality Control

To us, quality control is of utmost importance to producing a consistent exceptional product. We implement processes such as pollinating indoors and have strict SOPs for cleaning and planting.


Ensure that we follow all state and federal hemp rules and regulations. Total THC compliance with all products

We are always looking to expand our hemp network, so please contact us if you are interested in partnering with Astera Farms.